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The purpose of this Blog  is to write reviews of  new Music releases.

Let me add, that for me music review is always subjective perception of artists work. This blog is not here to criticize or undermine music creations, but to suggest to you the Albums that caught my attention.

I’am not a profesional reviewer, and I se my review contributions more as a recomendations for you.

That’s why I encourage you to write your own views and remarks on reviewed music Albums in comments.

My musical background is a long time guitar player and music enthusiast. Listening to music was always one of the great pleasures in life for me.

Nowdays I stil play guitar for myself.  I’m also cooperating  with company Acoustic Preference that produces High-end Hi-Fi components and try to spread the “good music” via this blog to your livingrooms.

Furthermore, I think You will agree that you can not write a complete music review after just few Album listening. So I will review music that will stay in my Hi-Fi system for at least a week.

I come from EU country called Slovenia. So my primary language is not English. Please try to ignore occasional wrighting mistakes and try to focus on music…

Sometimes I will include links to web listening or download of reviewed Album and Album Art. The purpose is, to provide you with a source that will give you an idea what Album sounds like and not to support piracy.

Music downloads on Blog are for evaluation purposes only. I strongly encourage you to support your favorite artists by purchasing their work, visiting their concerts, creating your own collection of original Music Albums.

My Hi-Fi System:

Acoustic Preference Gracioso 2.o speakers,

Antic Sound Lab. Hurrican 2 monoblocks

Mark Levinson No. 383 amp,

Accuphase Dp65 cd player,

Meridian G-series cd player

Acoustic Preference phono (prototipe)

Acoustic preference phono preamp (prototipe)

HGA Silver Lace, HGA Speaker Cables – X32

Thanks to Acoustic Preference company, for providing this beautiful state of the art High-End Loudspeakers. (

Occasionally I will include music videos, movie recommendations, movie scenes or my favorite artists profiles on the blog.

Thanks for your support, comments, visits,…


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