Music Review: Ben Harper & Relentless 7 – White Lies For Dark Times

5 03 2010

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Album Artwork

Track listing

# Title Length
1. “Number With No Name” 3:05
2. “Up to You Now” 5:01
3. “Shimmer & Shine” 3:06
4. “Lay There & Hate Me” 4:14
5. “Why Must You Always Dress In Black” 4:41
6. “Skin Thin” 4:33
7. “Fly One Time” 4:12
8. “Keep It Together (So I Can Fall Apart)” 4:56
9. “Boots Like These” 3:54
10. “The Word Suicide” 5:04
11. “Faithfully Remain” 4:28


Album Lineup

Ben Harper – guitar, lead vocal

Jason Mozersky – guitar

Jesse Ingalls – bass

Jordan Richardson – drums

Yes, Ben Harper is back. This time with new backing band, Texas based blues-rockers Relentless 7. This is first Ben Harper album with new band.  Although Innocent Criminals were great band in my opinion, I guess  somewhere along the way Ben Harper wanted to achieve new sound. So he formed new band Relentless 7 and I must say, they rock! Harper stated for Rolling Stone magazine: “It’s a sound I’ve been looking for and reaching for in my mind. We’ve taken turns kicking each others’ asses in the most gracious fashion, pushing this into new places.” Even though Harper is now fully committed to Relentless 7 and will tour with them, he plans to keep Innocent Criminals together.

Relentless7 is an American rock band formed in 2008 by singer/guitarist Ben Harper. The current members are Harper (guitar, lead vocals), Jason Mozersky (lead guitar), Jesse Ingalls (bass), and Jordan Richardson (drums).

Harper met Jason Mozersky in the late 1990s when Mozersky was working for an Austin music promoter. Mozersky was chauffeuring Harper to a gig, and asked if he could play a demo for his band, Wan Santo Condo. Harper resisted initially, fearing the music would interfere with his mental preparation for the show, but then felt remorseful and agreed to hear the demo. He was “blown away,” and the association led first to a record contract for Wan Santo Condo, and then to a collaboration between the two.

When Harper recruited Mozersky for his album Both Sides of the Gun, Mozersky suggested his friends Jesse Ingalls and Jordan Richardson, then members of the Austin-cum-L.A. band Oliver Future. The resulting sessions yielded the track “Serve Your Soul”, and were the genesis of Relentless7. (wiki)

Album »White Lies For Dark Times« is first Ben Harpers studio album with Relentless 7. The album was released on May 5, 2009 and reached 9th position on Billboard 200 chart. Harper co-wrote six of the tracks with his bandmates, and those he wrote himself have been arranged and/or written to be played with this band.

Ben Harper rocks again. The whole album has this new rock energy that I sometimes missed in last Ben Harper releases. I’ve listened to »White Lies for Dark Times« for a little more than a week now and must say it’s becoming one of my favorite Ben Harper albums.

As always Harper perfectly managed to merge blues, rock, gospel, funk, folk into soulful, playful mix so special, that can hardly be compared with any other artist on the music scene. On »White Lies for Dark Times« you’ll hear whole variety of different styles and types of songs. From classical blues-rock songs with a lot of positive energy and good guitar riffs like »Number With No Name«, »Shimmer & Shine«, »Why must you always dress in black«, »Keep it together”, funky »Lay there & Hate Me«, »Boots Like This« and more laid back »Skin Thin« with 12string guitar, »The World Suicide« and “Faithfully Remain”. One of the highlights of the album for me is track »The World Suicide« with gentile guitar solo which turns to energetic, “metal” guitar playing.

The most album songs are accompanied with roaring wah-wah sound of guitar, which gives songs extra edge. I also like the drumming and percussion on »Boots Like This«, The funk-rock energy on »Why must you always dress in black«,… Actually the whole album is a rare masterpiece and more I point out specific songs or part of the songs the more I realize that the listing would go on and on…

Album Peaks: Whole Album, »Number With No Name«, »Why must you always dress in black«, »The World Suicide«,…

Ben Harper stays truth to his style, to his musical creations. He is one of few that is all about music. He doesn’t care for music videos, Mtv, or mainstream trends. What’s more, with R7 he’s found this new energy that will hopefully last for a long time, and live trough the future album releases.

Familiar to: John Butler Trio, Black Keys, Davy Knowles, Queens of the Stone Age, …




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5 03 2010
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