Music Review: Rebelution – Bright Side of Life

18 02 2010

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Album Artwork

Track Listing

# Title Length
1. “Bright Side of Life” 4:05
2. “More Than Ever” 3:41
3. “Outta Control” 4:05
4. “From the Window” 4:39
5. “Suffering” 4:04
6. “Too Rude” 3:25
7. “Dubzilla” 2:15
8. “Bump” 5:23
9. “Lazy Afternoon” 3:30
10. “Moonlight” 4:20
11. “Change the System” 4:51
12. “Wake Up Call” 4:17
13. “More Than Dub” (bonus track) 4:00

Band Members


  • Eric Rachmany – Guitars, Vocals
  • Marley D. Williams – Bass
  • Rory Carey – Keyboards
  • Wes Finley – Drums


  • Matt Velasquez – Guitars, Vocals

Studio Albums

  • Rebelution (2006)
  • Courage to Grow (2007)
  • Bright Side of Life (2009)

Rebelution is a reggae/rock group from Santa Barbara, California. The group, formed in 2004, originally consisted of the vocalists and guitarists Eric Rachmany and Matt Velasquez, keyboardist Rory Carey, drummer Wesley Finley, and bassist Marley D. Williams, three of which were attending UC Santa Barbara at the time of formation.  Shortly after the release of their debut album, Matt Velasquez left the band in order to pursue personal interests in his own side project called Drum Major Instinct.

I’ve been looking for fresh, summer music for a while now. I have quite enough of the snow and freezing temperatures and can’t wait for some sun, mountainbiking, windsurfing,…

Rebelution was the answer. Don’t expect complicated music compositions, this folks are all about fun and carefree aura. Perfect for lazy summer mornings with no problems on your head.

The whole “Bright Side of Life” album is acccompanied by dub/reggae rithm, and soft melodic guitar rifs/solos, with positive lyrics of echoed vocal of Eric Rachmany. You will find some sweet horn lines on almost half the songs on the album and even hear a bit of social criticism especialy at the end of the album on “Wake up call” and “Change the System”.

Album Peaks: From The Window, Bump,…

“Bright Side of Life” made it all the way up to the #3 album in the United States on iTunes in August 2009. A few words from Eric Rachmany on how he sees the evolution of your music from Courage to Grow to this album (The Pier, 31.7.2009):

“There has been a real progression in our songwriting and the arrangement, which all put in our two cents. We had a lot more time with this album to think about it and I think the message is kind of a continuation from Courage to Grow. We want people to feel an encouragement and we are in a position to be role models in society. So we feel it is our duty to put out positivity through our music. Bright Side of Life is a continuation of that feeling of motivation.”

“I also think the songs are a lot more developed and we added a lot more different genres into this album too. We have a pop song. a roots reggae song, hip hop and straight rock, though the foundation is reggae. We like to mix it up with all the different styles.”

I’ve also read an statement of drummer  Wes Finley in Modern Drummer Blog (2009-09-22) and will quote the part:

»Recorded music today is more of a free marketing tool than it is a commodity, which is why the only way to make a buck these days is to tour–extensively. Nonetheless, this should just be seen as a sort of necessary evolution. As much as technology can enable the music maker, it may make him or her lazy. Touring pushes performers to reproduce their music day after day in different geographic locations, thus proving themselves to their audience and listeners. Besides, what’s more fun than seeing your favorite band play their music live, right before your very eyes?«

Right aproach in my opinion. Give a Rebelution a try, I guaranee their music feels good…

Familiar to: Sublime, Dispatch, Pepper, The Expendables,…




2 responses

19 02 2010

Interesting, I think I can imagine what Rebelution sounds like. Sth. between Dispatch, Sublime, Jack Johnson,…

Will definetly try them out, thanks for the review…



20 02 2010

I agree, These guys are the answer!

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