Frank Lloyd Wright

8 04 2008

I would like to start my posting with the best architect in the world ever, in my humble opinion. Frank Lloyd Wright is an American architect , interior designer, writer, educator, and philosopher who lived from 1867 to 1959 Already well-known during his lifetime, Wright was recognized in 1991 by the American Institute of Architects as “the greatest American architect of all time”

Wright would rarely credit any influences on his designs, but most architects, historians and scholars agree he had five major influences:
1. Luis Sullivan, whom he considered to be his ‘Lieber Meister’ (dear master),
2. Nature, particularly shapes/forms and colors/patterns of plant life,
3. Music (his favorite composer was Ludwig van Beethoven ),
4. Japan (as in art, prints, buildings),
5. Froebel Gifts

Wright practiced what is known as organic architecture , an architecture that evolves naturally out of the context, most importantly for him the relationship between the site and the building. Wright’s creations took his concern with organic architecture down to the smallest details.

His plans how organic city should look like, Broadacre city.

He conceived virtually every detail of both the external design and the internal fixtures, including furniture, carpets, windows, doors, tables and chairs, light fittings and decorative elements. He evolved a new concept of interior space in architecture. Rejecting the existing view of rooms as single-function boxes, Wright created overlapping and interpenetrating rooms with shared spaces.

Wright fully embraced glass in his designs and found that it fit well into his philosophy of organic architecture . Glass allowed for interaction and viewing of the outdoors while still protecting from the elements.

Frank Lloyd Wright was interested in site and community planning throughout his career. The philosophy behind his community planning was decentralization. The new development must be away from the cities. In this decentralized America, all services and facilities could coexist “factories side by side with farm and home.

One of the best known Frank Lloyd Wright creations, Fallingwater:




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